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About Sunil's Socail Services Home

Sunil’s social services home (FCRA Registered)  is an organization for anyone who is facing a difficult existence; more specifically for disadvantaged and at-risk people living in poverty, such as the homeless, woman and orphaned children. We’ve been serving the most needy since 2005 and are actively providing services to: Orphans enslaved by forced child labor (due to no protection or financial support);Oppressed children (Communal Discrimination based on ethnic, religious, tribal, familial, and socio-economic differences); and

Women facing poverty, hardship.As a social service organization, we also assist in the aftermath of natural disasters such as: heavy rains, flooding, cyclones, and earthquakes. Any children without guardianship are brought into our organization through a proper admission process to start them on their journey of hope and independence.


Essence of communication is to express that the services are not restricted or bound for orphanage alone. Aid for the old aged people cared.  Sunil’s Social Services Home is a non-government organization (NGO).The operations are monitored by personnel having strong commitment towards the overall development of healthy society.

Since the inception the organization is bound to its ethics and values in sober and sophisticated society having all approvals in line with law of the land.

The organization is focused in providing social service organizations, Individuals, Societies having flair for contribution to provide education across the world being good at heart can be a helping hand in providing education , health services , support for the old aged and personnel in below poverty.

Founder’s Profile

Sunil Kumar.Gutam

Founder \ President

Sunil kumar 


Calendar year: 2006 is the one which is initiated its first step of conducting a survey of the society to “identify Orphans” “oppressed children”, “children indulged as child labor” who could be the source of creativity and development.

2006 is year of achieving the first mile stone as “Sunil’s Social Services Home” established with prime focus on providing education of good quality standards in Englishmedium which is a policy adapted since¾ population of the world communicate in English & is widely accepted.


The management of “Sunil’s Social Services Home” considers future requirement of changing needs initiated its step towards providing quality education in English Medium; Develop disciplined resource of employable youth in peaceful healthy environment and hygiene.


  • Develop resource of disciplined, cultured, youth through Quality Education.
  • Increase competency of employment.
  • Establish the chain of alumni as a resource in future for source of help.
  • Induce “Social Service” a mean for good deeds.