Upcoming Projects

Upcoming Projects

To start the second phase to provide foster care for orphaned and needy children: Since 2015 our organization has been in a financial crisis due to lack of sufficient operating funds. For this reason, our organization is seeking donations to start the second phase and bring in the next group of children. Our desire is to continuously provide shelter for needy children, so after we have sufficient funds, we will begin to bring in more children early in 2019. Please extend your hand for this worthy cause.


Establish a New Home for Girls Only: This is also a very necessary project. Sunil’s Social Services Home has a plan to extend services towards an exclusive facility only for girls. In India, girls have special needs, due to suffering greatly from oppression and forced labour in agriculture, construction and as house servants. This is typically accompanied by a shortage of necessary medical and emotional care, which often results in deep depression and can tragically lead to premature death. Our exclusive facility for girls will help them regain their dignity and emotional well-being through education and training that will lead to independence through viable employability. We seek operational funding for this very worthy project as well.

Assisted Living and Nursing Home for the Elderly: This facility is specific to helping the elderly with their special needs, such as regular medical monitoring by doctors, nurses and caregivers. This will also include basic needs such as a good diet and other activities to keep the elderly mentally alert and healthy.

NGO Self-Sustainability: The aim of this project is to make the NGO self-sustainable in the near future. By setting up a farming enterprise, not only will we secure daily meals for the children and elderly, but we will also be able to sell excess products at the local market and reinvest any profits back into NGO operations. We plan to lease farmland to cultivate rice, vegetables and fruit trees and also raise chickens, goats and cows.

All of this will allow us to continue providing our services to those in need, without having to totally rely upon donations. This organization is unique, because it is not simply asking for direct aid, but for the ability to become self-sustaining. Thus, our organization itself would become the best, shining example for the children under our care to strive for – healthy sustainability. We will show our children that not only is it possible, but it is happening right before their eyes.

This project lays out a roadmap for the future of impoverished children so that they will not face the bleak challenges of starvation and a menial existence. The social services home needs to be expanded into a thriving farm, so that the solution to poverty and starvation in our community is long-term and sustainable, and not reliant upon the cyclical nature of donations. It is heart-breaking to see so many children whose needs are unmet, so if we provide a long-term solution such as a farming enterprise, the children will learn to grow and raise animals to feed themselves and any family – all while being educated on how to build their future. This will be a secure source of happiness and activity for the children and an economic resource for essential development of the local community.

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